T-Mobile/Sprint Merger at One Year: CWA "More Convinced Than Ever" That Merger is A Bad Deal For American Workers and Consumers

CWA Weighs In On One-Year Anniversary of Official T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Announcement; Releases Details of New Filing to California PUC

Washington, D.C. - Today, April 29, is the one year anniversary of the official announcement that T-Mobile and Sprint were seeking to merge. In response, the following is a statement from Debbie Goldman, CWA Research and Telecommunications Policy Director:

“One year after its official announcement, we are more convinced than ever that the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger would be a bad deal for American workers and consumers.

Throughout the past year, T-Mobile and Sprint have relied on vague and shifting justifications for the merger; issued a host of unverifiable promises and pledges; and released an escalating series of attacks against its critics. Meanwhile, merger opponents and skeptics have offered consistent, detailed, and documented analysis detailing their concerns and objections. It’s clear that the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger would kill 30,000 American jobs and reduce wages for wireless workers, while raising prices on consumers and failing to deliver for rural America.

The merger clearly fails the public interest standard and, as currently structured, should be opposed by those reviewing the transaction.”

CWA also announced a new filing with the California Public Utilities Commission (available here).